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Eemnes 31-07-2007

A string of figures could not possibly sum up the chronometric performance of this movement so vividly as the sense of precision it almost "metaphysically" exudes. As far as rates are concerned, the Patek Philippe demands a rate accuracy of between -3 and +5 seconds replica watches per day! While the amplitudes are not excessive and there is thus not much swiss replica watches risk of knocking, they remained in any case superior to 255 in all the replica watches uk states measured. The high inertia of the balance-wheel doubtless plays a wholesale replica watches significant role in these results. As far as the power reserve is concerned, our measurements showed 38 hours, right in the middle of the range announced on the technical specifications. The performance of the automatic winding system is remarkable and the 21K gold oscillating weight ideally enhances the efficiency of the reduction gear train.
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